Gold is a timeless precious metal that comes in different carats; often 9ct, 14ct or 24ct, where it is at it’s purest. I chose to use 9ct first for its malleability, gold being a very soft metal the purest it is, then because of its value. With ever increasing prices, 9ct gold remains an affordable high end material. But more then anything, I love 9ct for it’s soft gold color, just like a ray of sunshine beaming through the clouds.
I am partnering with local suppliers who specialize in refining and recycling precious metals and also recycle any gold dust and scraps from the studio. Email me if you would like to use YOUR gold pieces to be recycled into a new DAWN & DAISY heirloom.

Your solid gold will never fade or tarnish and will hold, if not increase, it’s value with time. It’s my best choice for timeless durability, a smart investment, creating legacy or just because you deserve it!


Just like gold, all of your DAWN & DAISY silver pieces have been made with 100% recycled sterling silver. I recycle all of the silver dust and scraps and either send them back to my refiners to be made into new solid recycled silver, or create new pieces right here in my studio with it. Email me if you would like to use YOUR silver pieces to be recycled into a new DAWN & DAISY heirloom. 

Silver care

Sterling silver is a precious metal that naturally tarnish. There are a few different reasons for that, some being the ocean’s salty, misty air, direct sunlight, high temperatures, high PH level, and some chemicals.

To give your recycled sterling silver pieces their original shine, polish them gently with a microfiber or polishing cloth. For resistant tarnish, you can buy some specific tarnish removing products like the Hagerty silver clean, or try this homemade recipe;

In a small bowl, place a square of aluminium foil to cover the bottom. Fill with hot water, 1 tbsp of salt, 1 tbsp of baking soda and 1 squish of dish washing soap. Let your piece soak for 10-15 min, rinse thoroughly, dry, and voila!



I, as an ever evolving small business, am slowly steering away from gold vermeil for clash of value reasons. I want your DAWN & DAISY pieces to last a lifetime and to become future heirlooms. Whoever, gold vermeil being applied as a layer over sterling silver and not being solid gold, it will eventually fade over time. I value transparency, longevity and durability over affordability, hence why I am no longer producing gold vermeil pieces and all future gold pieces will be made of solid 9ct gold.

Gold vermeil care

Gold vermeil can react to chemicals, perfumes, high PH level and hard knocks and scratches. To make your gold vermeil last as long as possible, here are a few guidelines you can follow;

- Store all jewellery out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place.

- Avoid wearing your gold vermeil jewellery in the ocean as saltwater, over time, could speed up the fading of your gold piece.
- DO NOT swim in chlorinated pools with it, the strong chemicals will affect greatly your treasures.
- Adorn yourself with your pieces after applying perfume and lotions; the chemicals in these products could be very harsh on the plating and may render the gold vermeil dull.
- Remove your gold vermeil and silver jewellery before doing any sort of cleaning, as chemicals may affect their beautiful shine.
- Be conscious if wearing your pieces while doing intense exercise, your delicate treasures won’t appreciate potential hard knocks and scratches as well as the PH of your sweat.

- Clean jewellery with warm water and a soft bristle toothbrush to get into nooks and give it its lustre back.

- To give it a bit more brightness, gently shine it with a microfiber cloth.



As a one woman show, every step of the creative and manufacturing process is performed and overlooked by me, Aurora. This means slow and small batch; an holistic approach to customer service; no mass-production; careful hand crafting and traditional methods; sustainably sourced materials with direct contact with Australian suppliers; no use of single-use plastic; and a constant search for new actions to take and implement new ways to minimise my impact and stay true to my values.