DAWN & DAISY is a one woman show, orchestrated by Artisan Jeweller Aurora Leclerc.
Born out of a necessity for connection, sustainability, self-expression and empowerment, DAWN & DAISY is a collection of shared moments, stories and memories, forever commemorated in the form of wearable art. Non conformist in its forms and shapes, I make sentimental one of a kind jewellery that becomes part of your memories.
Just like my grand-mother Daisy, my handcrafted pieces are rebellious within their elegance. Crafted with entirely recycled precious metals such as sterling silver and 9ct Gold, each collection is unique and organic. Created in small batch, I give you slow, but forever, fashion.
Giving you that sense of home and belonging, it is wearable art that is sensoriel, that you can see, feel, touch. It is jewellery that you can live in. Its part of the story. Your story.
Jewellery is one of the most personal expressions of our identity. I believe in creating jewellery with meaning. Future heirlooms from human to human rather then machine to human. My custom and bespoke pieces are one of a kind, and I work closely with you to create something to your image, with our shared values.
When purchasing a DAWN & DAISY piece, you are creating an act of rebellion against the “disposable “ and “mass produced” of fast fashion as well as supporting and engaging with your local and sustainable economy. You are also supporting a dream, my dream as an artisan jeweller.



I always had some kind of rebellion against fashion growing up. Picking up treasures in old trunks in my grandma’s French home while on holiday and showing up all dressed up in her old laces and my grandpa’s suspenders once back in Canada was my favourite thing to do!

We didn’t really had “new clothes” growing up. Being the youngest of 3 girls, I’d always end up wearing my sisters passed down clothes, and my male cousin’s as well!
Picking through bags of second hand clothes passed down from families to families in our community, and creating unique outfits with it, is how I discovered my own personal style.

I have always been a creative, dabbling in a bit of everything. Coming from a family that highly valued and encouraged having a passion, I left my home country of Canada to find myself, and that said Passion, if I could!
It’s out of chance, or maybe destiny, that made me meet Denise Ryan, of cult jewellery label Holly Ryan, who became my first mentor. Working with the Ryan’s instilled in me a strong sustainability and ethical approach to the fashion and jewellery industry as well as great workshop ethics and workflows. 

5 years later, DAWN & DAISY was born.

Contact me at hello@dawndaisyjewellery.com